AUGUST 9 - AUGUST 20, 2021

Monday - Friday     8AM-9AM     Jetties Beach

$40day - $190 week* - $375 2 weeks*
* includes ACKfit shirt, sponsor giveaways & more!

Questions? Scroll down for our FAQ.


For over two decades now internationally-recognized fitness & lifestyle expert Tom Holland has led his original Nantucket Beach Fitness Camp on the sands of the picturesque island of Nantucket. Always held the first two weeks in August,  "campers" are led through a  truly unique fitness program in the early morning Jetties Beach sunrise. Not a "boot camp," [how hard is it to yell at people?] Tom prefers to call it an "Adult Gym Class, "providing a fun yet challenging workout tailored to each person's personal fitness level. Cardiovascular drills, strength exercises, plyometric and agility stations, team events and much more. Tom also teaches while he trains, giving fitness, nutrition and motivation tips throughout each and every workout. From the beginner exerciser to advanced athlete, Tom challenges each person to push his or her own personal limits. Camp size limited - register early to reserve your spot!

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1. Can I sign up at the beach?

Yes, but Camp size is limited. No crying on Jetties if you choose not to sign up ahead of time and can't play.

2. Can I pay with a credit card on site?

Yes. It's the 21st century. We take credit cards, checks, Venmo, Zelle, cash and more. No Bitcoin.

3. What happens if it rains?

We will get wet. But luckily you're not made of sugar and it never rains on ACKfit.

4. What do I need to bring?

A burning desire to have a fun time and get in a great workout in an amazing location. We provide water; the only thing you may want to bring is a towel for abdominal exercises. But you don't need it. You're going to get sandy anyway.

5. How can Tom teach all different fitness levels at the same time?

Almost three decades of experience teaching every type of class in all of the top clubs. Whether you are a true beginner or an elite athlete, the Camp is uniquely structured to push you to YOUR limits.

6. Should I wear shoes or go barefoot?

Great question. Some people wear sneakers, some wear socks and other choose to go barefoot. Tom often chooses to wear Vibrams himself - The only time he wears them is at Camp. Oh, and while swimming on Nantucket - he is afraid of getting bitten by crabs.

7. Can I come Monday and then decide if I want to stay for the week?

Commitment issues? No problem! Try it out and if you decide to stay for the week, we'll apply your $40 to the weekly rate.

8. I have an injury. Should I still come?

Everyone has an injury. Except superheroes. Of course you should still come. Tom will give you appropriate modifications to ensure you still get a great workout.

9. Can I bring my son/daughter?

Kids under the age of 14 must have a parent participating as well. Kids 15 and up rarely sign up because they are teenagers on vacation.

10. I heard Tom guarantees 2 pounds lost if you do a full week or your money back.

100% true. And he's never had to pay.